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Kickstarter Backer #1

Broforce ate up 2 hours of time with my 10 year old and I tonight, but honestly we needed the time, what a better way to bond with your kid!  Pretty sweet game!

A year back I dumped a bunch of cash into a mame console from [company name hidden].  The machine looked the part alright, but in the end the kids NEVER played the thing, they just didn't know how to navigate it, it seemed like the controls were always messed up, and half the games would only load half the time.  Needless to say, I was bummed.

Our Polycade has barely got a break day and night, we have an endless crowd of neighborhood kids lined up to play it.  My wife even mentioned to me how sweet it was to get kudos from the kids on her knowledge of the insider tricks in several classic games.  She also mentioned how nice it was to have a machine that "just works"


Kickstarter Backer #2

I received my machine on Friday and have been playing it ever since. First, I want to say "Thank You" to Tyler and crew... throughout the entire campaign they have been very honest responsive and in their correspondence (I have backed the "Coolest" and the Somabar, so I have experience with poorly run campaigns). Back to the machine... it's Awesome!!! I've always wanted an arcade machine to play the classics, but the cabinet size and limited functionality have always been a turnoff. So, when I saw this on Kickstarter, I backed it immediately. It was worth the wait... the quality of the build, functionality of the cabinet and controls (not to mention expandibility) are the just the right mix to hit that nostalgic itch and play modern classics.

Again, hats off to Tyler crew... this has been a great Kickstarter experience. I wish you all well and
can't wait to see the success you have with the Polycade off the Kickstarter circuit.


Los Angeles User #1

Thanks for the Polycade! It has been an absolute blast to play. Additionally, the functionality and look of the machine definitely exceeded my expectations.

Kickstarter Backer #3

Machine arrived today. A-mazing. Such a well built machine. You guys should be proud, it's a very impressive product. I'm having so much fun. The wait was so worth it.