What is Steam?

Steam is an app store and library, like iTunes, but for video games. It is a downloadable application that once installed serves as a browsable interface for all of your games.

There are over 3,500 games available on Steam. These range from small indie titles, to AAA hits like Street Fighter V.

Please watch the video to get a brief idea of how Steam works on a Polycade.


Can I play classic games on Steam?

Yes. We ship with a number of classic games, and there are more classic titles available for purchase on Steam. See our game list.

Can I play emulated games on Steam?

Yes. You can integrate emulated classic games directly into the Steam interface. This is not too difficult, and we will provide instructions on how to set it up.

Do all of the games on Steam work on the Polycade?

There are games on Steam that you wouldn't want to play on the Polycade. These include games like Starcraft, Call of Duty (although, you could play this), and other games that were built with a keyboard and mouse in mind. 

How do I know which games on Steam work on the Polycade?

We have already started building a list of recommended games. We will continue expanding on this list. Additionally, we will be tagging games within Steam, so that you can search Steam for "polycade" and find suitable games.

What kind of computer do I need to run Steam?

Steam will run on a Windows, Mac, or Linux. We recommend Windows though, because many games on Steam will only run on Windows.

What if the PC in my Polycade dies? How easy is it to replace?

Very easy. Simply download and install Steam on any PC, stick it inside of the Polycade cabinet, and you're ready to play!

How powerful of a PC do I need?

This depends on what games you care about. We've found that a PC in the $350 range works well for most modern indie games and classic retro games. If you also want to play super recent and graphics intensive games (like Street Fighter V), you'll want to bump this up to a $550 PC.

Can the PC boot directly into Steam?

Yes, we will configure the PC to boot directly into Steam (or you can do this yourself). If you want to access windows for some reason, you can just exit the Steam application.

Are there space restrictions in the Polycade cabinet?

A traditional PC tower won't fit inside the Polycade cabinet. Smaller versions like the Alienware Steam Machine will fit. If you are not purchasing the PC from us, we will provide a mounting board that will allow you to mount your PC inside the Polycade cabinet.

Do I need a keyboard drawer?

You don't absolutely NEED one, but we recommend it for the Steam version. Sometimes games will require a quick control configuration that requires the keyboard. There are also a few other moments you'll find it useful (like searching for new games in the app store).

What if Steam "goes away"?

Steam is a giant, cornerstone company of the video game industry. It's as likely to go away as iTunes is.