The Polycade Classic

The Polycade Classic is retro focused, and can run games 16 bit and less. 


Used for classics such as Centipede, Missile Command, Marble Madness, etc. Play them as they were intended!

Spinner / Paddle Control

The spinner (or "paddle") is a single-axis control that is used by rotating a knob.

Some of our favorite games used a spinner as the arcade control interface. Pong, Super Breakout, and Arkanoid are only a few examples.

4 to 8 Way Auto-Switching Joystick

Currently in production. Order now to secure your place in line.

Many classic games require a 4 way joystick in order to work correctly. The player 1 joystick features automatic hardware switching from 4 to 8 way whenever a game is launched. Click here for a complete list of classic 4 way joystick games.

Emulator Ready

The Polycade Classic includes a Raspberry Pi computer setup with our homebrew install of RetroPie. We additionally provide you with a usb drive that you can use to easily transfer your ROM (game) files.