Extending The Polycade

Video Games, Control Interfaces, And Computing

More often than not, video games are designed with one control interface in mind. Designers often add other options, but usually one interface is best. A few examples of interfaces include:

  • Arcade joystick & buttons
  • Modern game pad (Xbox 360 controller, PS4, etc)
  • Retro game pad (Super Nintendo controller, Sega Genesis controller, etc)
  • Arcade trackball
  • Touchscreen
  • Etc.

In addition to the control interface, a game is designed to run on one or more types of computer. This could be an iPhone, a retro console (such as an NES), a PC, etc. 

The Polycade is designed to leverage modern technologies in order to provide you with the widest range of interface options available. It can be easily setup to cover the 3 most prevalent video game interfaces used over the course of video game history: The Arcade, the console, and the PC.

Using aa single PC and one or two Steam Link devices, a user may choose the ideal interface for each game.