Miss the arcade? Us, too.

We built the Polycade to give retro gaming an effective platform in the 21st century. With its contemporary design, low-footprint, affordability, and ease-of-use, the Polycade gives common ground to retro-enthusiasts and modern gamers.  


The arcade interface is here to stay.







Single Player

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The arcade is the ultimate casual gaming experience. Arcades are social, low commitment, and perfect for either playing solo or competing with friends. The Polycade ships with nearly 80 games and packs all the fun of these classics into an arcade cabinet 1/3 the size!

The Cabinet

The cabinet is cut out by robots and constructed by professional cabinet makers.

The cabinet is finished with durable laminate and can be optionally covered with a printed vinyl wrap.

The control panel of the Polycade is removable. This allows you to swap out the control setup to optimize for your favorite games, if need be. We offer several different control panel options, see below for more details.

The Software

The Polycade runs open source emulation (using the RetroPie project) software on a Raspberry Pi computer. We have customized the interface along with hand testing and configuring each game to ensure that everything works right out of the box. 

The Controls

The Polycade features a standard 2 player "fighter" setup (auto-switching 4-8 way joysticks + 6 buttons for each player), as well as trackball and spinner options. Feel free to ask us if you need guidance here.


All of the components in the Polycade are robust and will last a long time. Everything fails eventually though, and we've made sure that each piece is as easy to swap out as possible. Replacing a button, joystick, or even the computer is a trivial task, even for the non-technically inclined person.

We stand by this product and will do our very best to help you, should you run into any problems.


IDEAL FOR HOMES AND OFFICES, Play all of your favorite arcade games on the Polycade Freeplay.

Save your quarters for laundry. The Polycade Freeplay does not require coins to play. Perfect for office break rooms, doctor's offices, residences, and anywhere else that could use more games.


Break into previously untouchable establishments with the ultra thin, super sleek polycade.

Create new revenue streams for your business with the Pay-per-Play Polycade. Available with coin acceptor or credit card swiper.