The Arcade Console You've Been Waiting For

The Polycade updates the arcade interface for the 21st century. Ever wish you could play your favorite arcade games from the glory days of the arcade? Bummed that contemporary games aren't available on arcade machines? Wish there was a plug-and-play, super sleek arcade cabinet capable of playing classic and modern games? 

Look no further; the Polycade is the most capable arcade machine in the galaxy, allowing you to play games from the past, present, and future!

"Once a great game, always a great game."  - Nolan Bushnell

Perfect For Humans Of All Sizes!

Arcade machines appeal to the widest audience compared to any other video game platform. Great for family homes, office break rooms, bachelor/bachelorette pads, and more!


Minimal Footprint. Maximum Playability.

The Polycade is the smallest full-size arcade machine out there. We have tested and revised the form factor over the course of two years, resulting in a machine that plays like a full size arcade machine, while taking up one third the space.

Not only will the Polycade fit in any home, apartment, or office, you'll save over $200 in shipping charges compared to other full size arcade machines on the market.

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Integrated Appstore

The Polycade leverages the power of the Steam appstore to provide you with a seemingly endless universe of games. Both retro and modern games are sold via the Steam appstore, so you're sure to have great titles to keep you occupied for decades!

You'll be able to compete online, share achievements with friends, and download new content. All with our easy to use control interface.


Thousands Of Games Available

* Not all games listed are included. Titles not included may be purchased through the Steam service.


Quality Hardware

The Polycade is constructed using the highest quality components available on the market. The cabinet itself is built using powder coated steel and laminated plywood for quality you can feel and durability that will last.

The Polycade uses Sanwa joysticks and buttons, the same brand used by professional eSports players. Sanwa hardware is known for it's ultra fast response time and reliability suitable for a bar or public arcade.

Each Polycade is made in the U.S.A. with an attention to detail by a team that cares about quality.


Easy Setup

Mounting the Polycade is similar to mounting a flatscreen.

The Polycade is delivered with our double cleat mounting system included. Simply drive the 4 included screws into studs in your wall, lift the Polycade onto the mount and you're done!



Gaming Power

The Polycade is powered by a gaming-level PC running Windows, configured to boot directly into Steam. 

We offer several different PC tiers, all of which are capable of running recent games like Street Fighter V.

We can also customize your PC specs, just contact us.